Join the Mardi Gras Community Brass Band!

January and February are pretty bleak in the Midwest, but the Mardi Gras party krewes always find a way to spice it up with colorful parades and events throughout the season.

Mardi Gras (or “Fat Tuesday” in French) 2024 lands on February 13th. On that day, Kansas City welcomes the sun at an annual Dawn Parade on the West Side North, parading around the neighborhood with traditional songs, wearing elaborate costumes and miniature floats, and accepting snacks and drinks from locals.

Dawn Parade 2023 by Chuong Doan

Come join us! All are welcome; if you can walk and play at the same time, you’re in the band. Most traditional songs are in the key of B flat, F major, or E flat. Check out this songbook by the Preservation Hall in New Orleans for tunes to reference (mostly the first four, plus I’ll Fly Away and Do Whatcha Wanna).

Contact us via email or Instagram for more details. See you at Cap Gun Studios on Sundays!